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For wood and laminate floors EcofilmSet provides the luxury of electric underfloor heating to living rooms, bedrooms, hallways, loft conversions and conservatories.

EcofilmSet can be installed on top of either suspended timber or even solid concrete floors enabling installation in all r o o m types except bathrooms.

EcofilmSet is ideal for installation under the following floor coverings: Laminate, Engineered Board & Real Timber.

Remember to butt the element edges together, do not overlap the EcofilmSet elements. Place them centrally within the room so that any unheated gaps are at the edges of the room

It is recommended that when planning your room the elements run in line with the longest room dimension, this keeps elements and electrical connections to a minimum making installation easier and quicker.
It is recommended that you plan to use the widest EcofilmSet element wherever possible (1000mm) as this minimises electrical connections. Widths of 500mm and 300mm should be used to maximise floor coverage when it is not possible to use the larger size.

EcofilmSet is available in lengths between 2.0m and 8.0m in 0.5m increments.

It can easily be trimmed to length with scissors; therefore for intermediate sizes pick the next largest length and plan to cut to the specific size during installation.

A layer of Polyester Vapour Barrier must be used to cover the whole EcofilmSet heating system. This is to offer an additional layer of mechanical protection and Electrical insulation as well as protection against mass spillage of liquid on the finished floor.

Note: EcofilmSet underfloor heating element is extremely simple for any competent DIYer or professional tradesman. However final Electrical connection to the 230V mains supply must be carried out by a qualified electrician in accordance to current wiring regulations. back to Installation guide.

Measure length required and using a straight edge mark with a pen
Carefully cut along the clear part of the mat only.



Peel off special green seal and align over the center of the copper strip; carefully place half the width of seal on one side and fold other half over to the opposite side of the mat. Press seal down firmly onto both sides to bond adhesive to theEcoFilm mat surface to give a water resistant and electrically safe seal.




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